There are thousands of disabled children and young people in the UK currently waiting for appropriate mobility equipment and we believe that it is vital that we use all available channels to reach them. We are also passionate that the customer should be at the centre of decisions about their own healthcare. That's why we developed a free smartphone Whizz-Kidz App. 

Our mobile app was funded by the Department of Health and launched at the Health and Innovation Expo in 2013. Crucially, the Whizz-Kidz App was designed with disabled children, young people and their families in mind, enabling young people and their families to make their own decisions about their health and well-being. Whizz-Kidz's CEO, Ruth Owen wrote an article in The Telegraph about the importance of this app as a mobilising technology for disabled people.

Our app allows users to:

  • View equipment: The App showcases the wide-range of mobility equipment available from Whizz-Kidz.
  • Kick start the application process for equipment: The Whizz-Kidz App links to our online application process, which allows users to submit detailed and accurate information about their mobility needs. This means we reduce the need for lots of clinic appointments, which reduces costs and speeds up the process.
  • Rate and review equipment: The Whizz-Kidz app allows users to post feedback about their equipment as well as see how pieces of equipment have been rated by other users.
  • Discover other Whizz-Kidz youth services: At Whizz-Kidz we believe the wheelchair is just the start. Our App highlights the range of other added value services which give young disabled people the chance to meet, have fun and gain new skills, setting them on the path to an independent and active future.
  • Find out about fundraising and volunteering: The Whizz-Kidz App also allows users to find out about fundraising and volunteering opportunities with the charity right across the UK.

Download the Whizz-Kidz App for free!

You can download the Whizz-Kidz App completely free of charge from the Android Store by searching ‘Whizz-Kidz’ or by clicking on the link below:

Play Store (for Android)

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