'Whizz-Kidz’s work with commissioners to improve wheelchair provision for adults indicates financial savings and improvements in quality of life.' This was the conclusion of leading economic experts, Frontier Economics, who carried out an independent report on the impact of Whizz-Kidz’s services for adults in Tower Hamlets in 2013.

Download the impact of Whizz-Kidz's service for adults in Tower Hamlets report or read on for the highlights.

The report found that  the 'Whizz-Kidz effect' includes: higher satisfaction ratings, financial savings and increasing the overall value of the wheelchair service at Tower Hamlets by 30-40%. The report also suggested that the wider impact of Whizz-Kidz's approach leads to other healthcare cost savings and improved social inclusion, allowing disabled adults to be more involved and play an active role in society.

Most people know Whizz-Kidz for our work with disabled children, but as well as thousands of children, there are still thousands of adults waiting for the mobility equipment they need to fulfill their potential and enjoy independent lives. Whizz-Kidz is now dedicated to working with NHS partners to bring our proven track record and clinical and business expertise to benefit adults, like Stephen, as well as children where peadiatric and adult wheelchair services are combined. We want to work more widely with the NHS to extend our model for wheelchair provision to reach more disabled adults, quickly and with equipment which suits their needs. 

Key highlights of the report:

  • Lower costs – Whizz-Kidz procures equipment at a lower cost providing wheelchairs in excess of 25% cheaper than a typical provider.
  • Better quality equipment – Whizz-Kidz provides more appropriate chairs, faster, with increased choice as well as a wider range of equipment, a new matrix of cushions and other adaptations.  
  • Shorter waiting times – Whizz-Kidz aims for ‘Chair in a Day’ which provides 70% of service users with their equipment on the day of assessment, with a total of four weeks from referral to end on average.
  • Higher satisfaction and mobility - Frontier Economics also highlighted that 100% of adults were satisfied with the Whizz-Kidz service. Whizz-Kidz’s faster and better quality service means it reduces waiting lists and provides higher quality chairs, which in turn increase the quality of life of service users.
  • Improving the overall value of service by 30-40% - combining the values listed above and additional value with actual financial savings means Whizz-Kidz improves the overall value of adult wheelchair service in Tower Hamlets by 30-40%

Wider benefits:

The report also pointed out additional benefits that were not been quantified in the study. 

  • Wider healthcare cost savings –faster access to appropriate equipment prevents other healthcare conditions developing in both adults and their partners or spouses that are costly to treat. This means that the NHS is drawn upon less frequently to treat costly and avoidable health conditions developing in both adults and their partners or spouses, because of more appropriate equipment being issued.
  • Improved social inclusion –greater independence allows people to be more involved in their local communities and play a more active role in society. 

How the report was put together:

Frontier Economics created their report in 2013 by examining each stage of the process to deliver wheelchairs under two different scenarios: the business-as-usual scenario (using evidence from adult wheelchair services) and the intervention scenario (using evidence from Whizz-Kidz in Tower Hamlets).