Our holistic approach: considering the 'whole person'

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Whizz-Kidz is at the forefront of improving wheelchair services. Our approach to wheelchair provision, which looks at each individual's needs holistically and as a 'whole person', is held up as a beacon of best practice by leaders in the health service. We believe that the therapist isn't the one with all the knowledge. The client and their family should also have loud voices - they know better than anyone what's needed.

The value of the 'patient's voice' was championed by Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of NHS England, when he met with our Kidz Board in July 2013 to discuss their thoughts and experiences of the NHS. Sir David wrote a blog about his experience of the meeting and said: 'Their consistent message to us in the NHS was we need to always think about the whole person, because to these young people wheelchairs are not just a piece of kit or technology but an enabler to them having a full life and making a contribution to society.'

During 2013 George Fielding, Chair of the Whizz-Kidz Kidz Board (a group of disabled young people who help us to make decisions and raise awareness about our work) worked in an NHS England group with Lord Adebowale CBE. George has been involved with a design day for the Civil Society Assembly and has worked with NHS England on their participation strategy. George was selected to film a video advising commissioners on the participation of young disabled customers and the importance of the 'patient's voice'.