Aaron, 15, from greater Manchester, is a confident, cheeky chap with cerebral palsy. Aaron’s recent experience at one of our Whizz-Kidz Camps demonstrates how Whizz-Kidz helps young disabled people overcome many barriers.

Aaron's mum, Debbie says:

‘We were advised to contact Whizz-Kidz when the local NHS wheelchair service was struggling to supply Aaron with appropriate equipment that suited his complex postural needs.

‘The wheelchair Aaron received was more like a sports car than a wheelchair; it was a funky red colour with lights and a riser. People would stop him in the street and ask him questions about it. This helped Aaron with the transition to high school as it broke down social barriers for him about his disability and being in a wheelchair. The positive attention that Aaron received helped his confidence grow a great deal.

‘Aaron has always enjoyed Whizz-Kidz events and clubs, but the camp in Lancaster was completely different. Aaron loved camp, this was his very first time away from home and he struggled with that on the first night. He phoned home and told us about all the fun he had and what was planned for the next day, the next morning he recognised he was just nervous and was really happy, so he stayed.

‘The environment at camp provided Aaron the opportunity to just enjoy being young and to socialise with other wheelchair users. He learnt a lot while he was there including: budgeting, cooking and his ability to be independent and try new things.

‘Since Camp, Aaron enjoys going off on his own more, like when we go shopping he takes the list and gets things by himself. Aaron going to Camp taught me things as well. I do a lot of things for him out of habit, and it made me realise that there are things that he can do himself. it’s good for him to make that change and be more independent.’

Aaron described camp as:

‘Camp was the best experience of the year because of the activities and care I received. The activities at camp were really varied and I learnt a lot of practical things including: how to bake cupcakes, how to budget and how to go up and down kerbs in my wheelchair.

‘When I first got to camp I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I got very upset and felt homesick. But I’m glad I stayed because I started to really enjoy myself.  Camp allowed me to be independent and try new things and I feel more confident knowing that I can be without my Mum and Dad! It was a big step to stay away on my own, but now I know I can do it.

‘The speakers at Camp really inspired me, they taught me to never give up on what you believe in! I also made some really great friends that I will keep in touch with.'