Daniel, 14, from Oundle in Northamptonshire has down syndrome and autism. He also has an irritable hip meaning that walking can cause him pain and he tires very easily. Daniel’s family wanted to be able to take Daniel out for more trips, and living in a hilly area, a lightweight all-terrain buggy was most suitable. Daniel received his first buggy from Whizz-Kidz when he was seven, and last year, Daniel received a new, larger buggy. They both have had a positive impact on his life and his family.

Daniel’s Dad, Geoff, says:

‘Daniel can only walk short distances, and it can cause him a lot of pain. Before receiving the buggy from Whizz-Kidz, we had to drive him around everywhere in the car or carry him. As he was getting older and heavier, this became more and more difficult.

Trips out, for example, for picnics or to the zoo, were impossible. We had to plan simple things like all the distances we would have to walk. As Daniel is a non-verbal communicator he could find it difficult to express that he was in pain. I can’t say how much we needed the buggy.

‘Daniel can do things that he loves now. We can now go on many more trips as a family, and have recently visited Somerset, Wildlife and Adventure parks and also went to Disneyland Paris. Having the buggy meant that we could take Daniel from ride to ride easily, without him being in pain or getting tired, and he had a great time. Without your help this would have been very difficult.

‘Daniel goes to a mainstream school and is really enjoying it. He regularly exercises, including going swimming. He also competes at athletic meets and is always coming home with another medal. He has even met Olympian Chris Hoy!

‘The buggy is absolutely vital as he doesn’t get as tired; he can also sleep in the buggy if he needs to. Daniel is looking forward to his next few years at school, where he is also learning life skills such as cooking, cleaning and even fishing!

Receiving the buggy was an absolute blessing and we always do as much as we can as a family to raise awareness and fundraise to help support Whizz-Kidz.’