Emma, aged 11, has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. Prior to receiving her first powered wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz, she felt restricted by her condition. Now, she doesn’t miss out on any opportunity; she can reach her potential and go, go, go!

Emma’s mum, Penny, says:

‘Before Emma received her Whizz-Kidz chair, she was pushed most places she went. People who walked by usually looked past Emma and talked to her helpers instead. Emma, sparky and proactive, was tired of relying on adults to push her around. She wished for more independence and interaction with others. 

‘After the local NHS had trouble providing a height adjustable chair for Emma, we were advised to contact Whizz-Kidz. The powered chair Emma received from Whizz-Kidz provided her an extra boost of confidence. 

‘With Emma’s new-found sense of freedom and ambition, she has become an active member of her community. For example, she recently played Boccia for Team Richmond at  the London Youth Games.

‘In addition, she has been highly involved in the school choir and drama group. With the help of her powered wheelchair, she can easily rise to the same level as her fellow choir members so her voice can be heard. At school she has participated in several drama productions, including playing Titania, Queen of the Fairies, in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which the chair helped her move around the stage with confidence.Plus, she could easily get into character  by decorating her wheelchair with big fairy wings and sparkling lights.

‘The impact the powered wheelchair has on Emma’s life is astonishing. Before, we had to focus on the simple stuff, like going from one place to the next. Now, she has more self-confidence­— and a busy schedule. You can try to stop her, but you won’t be able to keep up.’