Faye, 6, from Derby, has cerebral palsy meaning that she uses her powered-wheelchair to get around. After being recommended to attend Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training by her Occupational Therapist, Faye has now enjoyed attending sessions for three years in a row.

Faye’s dad, Dean, says:

‘After receiving a recommendation from Faye's Occupational Therapist, we thought Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training would be great for Faye for her to pick up new tips and gain more experience using her chair. Faye has attended in summer for the last three years, and we even plan our family holidays around them. Our experience as a family with Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training has been nothing but positive.

The training allows the kids to learn how to control their wheelchairs in an interesting and fun way. They play lots of games, like bowling, and Faye has always had a fantastic time.

‘One of the skills that Faye has really enjoyed learning was road safety. Understanding how to control the wheelchair on uneven pavements has been really helpful. The training has also allowed Faye to develop her awareness, allowing her to be safer when using her chair out and about.

‘Faye goes to a mainstream school, where she is the only wheelchair user. Sometimes she sees wheelchair-users on TV and points them out to the rest of the family. The Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training sessions have been fantastic in giving her the opportunity to meet and befriend other wheelchair-users.

‘Most of the instructors at the training have also been wheelchair users themselves; this has really helped Faye to feel more comfortable. She used to feel that being in a wheelchair was babyish, but this view has really changed as she has become much more independent, not to mention confident, having developed her wheelchair skills and interacted with other wheelchair-users.

'I would tell other parents and young people to just go for it and go along to Wheelchair Skills Training. The kids gain so much from it, not just in terms of wheelchair skills, but also by building up their confidence and social skills too.’

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