Frankee on her Trike supplied by Whizz-Kidz

Frankee's trike from Whizz-Kidz has enabled her to play and have fun like other kids her age. 

Many disabled children are not able to ride bikes due to physical impairments or restricted movement and co-ordination, which is why Whizz-Kidz provides recreational equipment such as trikes. These give them the chance to move around independently – providing them with a safe and fun way to exercise and the chance to make friends and develop their confidence.

Frankee's mum Faye says: 

‘Frankee has cerebral palsy and, before we received her trike from Whizz-Kidz, we could never have imagined going for a family bike ride. The NHS doesn’t provide anything like Frankee’s trike, and although we had looked into modifying a bike, there was just no way to make one suitable for her. She wouldn’t have been able to sit on the seat on her own, even if her feet were tied to the pedals and, as she can only use one hand to steer, her balance would have meant she couldn’t go far.

The trike is already having a positive impact on Frankee’s health. The muscles in her knees are really tight, causing a shortening of her leg which raises her foot – by using her trike she is working against this and is actually straightening the muscles. The only other option is to do physio exercises, which she hates; now that they are incorporated into something she really enjoys, it’s making a huge difference.

‘It made us feel isolated that we couldn’t go for bike rides like other families, but now we can have fun together and we don’t have to feel awkward about our other children having bikes. We can go off-track and all of our children can ride, race and explore. For the first time Frankee has even been riding ahead of her brother, it’s an amazing thing to see and completely lights up her face.

‘Frankee’s social abilities have definitely expanded since she got her trike. She no longer has to feel left out when all the other kids are talking about going out on their bikes after school, and now she has something of her own to brag about, something that can make her feel more accepted. The confidence that Frankee’s trike is helping her to build will impact her life forever.