Hannah, aged 8, lives at home with her family in Exeter. Hannah has a heart condition and uses an indoor/outdoor wheelchair that was delivered directly to her school in January 2015 through our Man in a Van service.

Hannah’s mum found out about Whizz-Kidz through some online research. She then applied to Whizz-Kidz, had a consultation on the phone with a Mobility Therapist and was given approval for her daughter to receive a powered chair from the charity. It was at that point, that the practical issue of how, when and where Hannah’s chair should be delivered was discussed.   

As Hannah was due to be away on a school trip for the first proposed date and her mum had an important meeting for another, the decision was made with the family for our Mobility Engineer, Dean to deliver Hannah’s new powered wheelchair directly to her school. This alternative offered by our Man in a Van service suited Hannah and her family.

Hannah’s mum said:

‘Hannah and I were very excited to receive her new powered wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz! But like every family, we have very busy lives and initially found it challenging to find the right time to have her equipment delivered. Hannah had a school trip on one proposed delivery date and I couldn’t miss an engagement at work on another day, so for us, the Whizz-Kidz Man in a Van service was an ideal option.

‘We had a few conversations with Whizz-Kidz to organise for Hannah to receive her chair at school with a teaching assistant supporting her. According to Hannah’s teaching assistant, the Mobility Engineer, Dean, arrived with the wheelchair, fitted it so it was right for her and spent an hour and a half with Hannah, showing her how to sit in it and master how to move it. He was very professional and great with Hannah.

‘It was amazing for me to turn up to school and see that Hannah was already totally in control of how to manoeuvre her wheelchair. She even explained to me how all the controls worked and felt confident enough to drive home all by herself.  

‘The Man in a Van service meant that Hannah was able to receive and learn all about her new wheelchair in the comfortable surroundings of her school, where she will be getting a lot of use out of her equipment, as opposed to having to travel to an unfamiliar clinic. Having Hannah’s wheelchair delivered in this way also meant that I didn’t have to take time off work, or miss a crucial meeting.

‘Before we got the new wheelchair we couldn’t do the things we wanted to as a family. Although we only received Hannah’s chair recently, it is already starting to mean that we can do things like have adventures to the local quay. It will give our family more opportunities to spend some quality time together outside.

‘At the moment it’s a bit cold, but when it’s warmer in the summer, we can’t wait to be able to use the wheelchair more often, especially getting to school! All the other children in Hannah’s class walk to school and now she is also able to have that level of independence. I think getting to and from some activities and daily events independently will be great for Hannah.’