Harrison, aged 4 from Dorset has Cerebral Palsy which, for him, makes it difficult to walk for any long distances, particularly in cold weather. For any extended journeys Harrison’s parents use a buggy, but the buggy they had was very difficult for them to push over rough ground and proved to be uncomfortable to sit in for extended periods. Now with his new buggy from Whizz-Kidz his parents have noticed a big difference.

Harrison’s Dad, Darren says:

‘Our family love to go out for walks in the countryside but with our previous buggy from the Wheelchair Service this just wasn’t possible. It was ok to go to the shops but anything slightly challenging was next to impossible. The wheels were far too small for anything other than tarmac, the ride was incredibly bumpy and this meant that the buggy never suited Harrison’s needs, especially when he quickly outgrew the equipment.

‘We heard about Whizz-Kidz from a friend and then applied through their website. The process was really straightforward, the Customer Services Team were really helpful in discussing our options and once funding had been allocated the process moved really quickly.

‘The new buggy has had a massive impact on Harrison and our family. We’ve now been able to go out for some really quite long distance walks together as a family and for once we all found it a breeze.

‘Only the other week we went out to a local country park with friends. Harrison walked a little way, but as soon as he was too tired to walk he was very happy to get into the buggy which was so unusual when compared to the last one. He was so confident and comfortable and it especially helps that he thinks the buggy looks “very cool”! Even I was quite taken aback by the way it looks. It’s also fantastic how easily it handles rough ground and it’s so simple to fold.

‘I really cannot recommend Whizz-Kidz enough. It’s been such a freeing thing to have after struggling for so long with what the Wheelchair Service could provide. Harrison just didn’t want to sit in the old buggy for any decent amount of time. In this new buggy he actually wants to sit it in it and most importantly be happy in it. I didn’t know Whizz-Kidz existed and I wasn’t sure anything was ever going to come of our application, but something did and I’m indebted to the charity. We’re all so happy.’