Whizz-Kidz runs a number of services around the country for disabled children and young people, including 43 youth groups (known as Ambassador Clubs). These clubs are a great place for young disabled people to play games, learn valuable life skills, make friends and build confidence in themselves. Kizzy started to attend our Hull Ambassador Club in April 2013. 

Kizzy's mum, Faye, says: 

‘Before attending the club, Kizzy would shy away from difficult situations that made her feel uncomfortable – especially at school where she can feel very alienated as the only child with a disability. But now we have noticed that Kizzy feels more confident to speak out, share her ideas and opinions and even stand up for herself and her friends. Whizz-Kidz has really helped Kizzy find her voice.

‘Being the only child in a wheelchair can be difficult and the thing that Kizzy enjoys most about Ambassador Clubs is meeting other people who understand her, make her feel welcome and included, so she just doesn’t feel different for one of the first times.  She comes out of the clubs glowing, and then that is all she talks about for the next week.

‘The other thing that’s great about the club is that we aren’t there! We can leave her knowing she is going to be okay and, most importantly, that she's going to be happy. Every child wants to feel independent – for Kizzy, unfortunately, this just hasn’t been possible in the past. 

'Kizzy is really into sports, and attending clubs has improved her capabilities in her wheelchair as well as her confidence and drive. She has begun to realise that being disabled isn't a negative thing and shouldn't stop her from achieving all of her hopes and dreams. Now she’s very proud of who she is and also of her disability. And she has found a wonderful role model in Whizz-Kidz’s patron Hannah Cockroft, she’s Kizzy’s hero and maybe one day Kizzy will be in the Paralympics too!’

Kizzy with idol Hannah Cockroft & John Stubbs at GB Sportfest 2013.