18-year-old Kyrun from Hampshire has a form of arthritis, which affects most of his joints and the muscles around them, meaning he is unable to stand or walk and so uses a wheelchair.

Kyrun says:  

‘Life before my Whizz-Kidz wheelchair was pretty tough. In fact, two years ago I received a chair from the NHS that was so unacceptable that the occupational therapist went into store room to find something else. The one that was supposed to be made to my measurements and suitability needs was completely the wrong design, and when we went to collect it the therapist had to come up with something else straight away as I wouldn’t have even been able to get myself out of the house.

Even then I was stuck with a chair that was falling apart most of the time, it was so heavy that the wheel axels were bending and lugging it around was damaging my shoulders. I couldn't be independent and go out and about on my own, I had to be pushed everywhere because my NHS chair was too big and heavy. I stopped going to college because it was too embarrassing for me to get pushed around by someone all day, and I started to become down about it which was hard on all the family.

‘After that I decided that I’d had enough, and went back to the NHS wheelchair services. All they could do was help me look at other wheelchair providers. That’s when I found Whizz-Kidz.

Kyrun is now in the GB Talent Squad for rifle shooting From sending in my application to getting a reply it was a really easy process, and since I received my new manual chair I haven’t looked back. It’s opened up so many opportunities for me – I can get to college on my own, go out with my mates, and I don’t have to rely on others for everything. I’m getting fitter and stronger, and I even have bigger arms then some of my non-disabled friends. I can definitely say my new chair has helped my sports too, I’m currently in the GB Talent Squad for rifle shooting and my ultimate goal is to get to Rio.

‘The chair hasn’t just physically helped me, it has mentally helped me too. In my old chair I didn’t really want to go out, but this chair is perfect for me and my confidence has grown. It’s helped me to get back in the swing of education – I’m now back at college and working towards qualifications, and I don’t have to worry about things like being stuck in the event of a fire, as I have the freedom of independence. I’m so grateful for how suited my new wheelchair is to my life.’