Lilly-Rose, from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, has cerebral palsy. She has done three Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training courses, as well as being a regular member of the Southend Ambassador Club.

Lilly-Rose’s mum, Rachel, says:

‘Lilly-Rose goes to a mainstream school and is the only wheelchair-user there. However she has never lets anything get in her way. She takes part in P.E lessons and goes on school trips and gets on really well. But she used to question why she was not like the other children.

‘Going to the Whizz-Kidz Ambassador Clubs and Wheelchair Skills Training has really helped her to see that there are other people like her. It has allowed her to be around other wheelchair users and make new friends as well as further understand her condition. This makes everything easier for the whole family.

‘Lilly-Rose absolutely loves the Ambassador Clubs. She has enjoyed the obstacle courses and games like dodgeball. Recently they did cake making and she had lots of fun doing that, and she is looking forward to the next Ambassador Club where they will be making pizza! It is nice for Lilly-Rose to be doing these activities with her friends, and the skills she learns really helps her to become more independent.

‘The Wheelchair Skills Training has been hugely helpful to Lilly-Rose. Simple skills that she couldn’t do before, like opening and going through doors correctly, she can do now with ease. She also used to sometimes struggle going up ramps, but after the training from Whizz-Kidz she can now do it easily and safely.’

Lilly-Rose says:

‘Whizz-Kidz has really helped me in my wheelchair. I’ve learned how to do things safely, like always putting my brakes on when I stop.’

Rachel says:

‘Lilly-Rose really enjoys singing and is a big One Direction fan, and she has actually met them! We are currently looking towards secondary school where Lilly-Rose will hopefully be able to be more independent.

'I would encourage other parents to get involved with Whizz-Kidz services as it really helps young people, like Lilly-Rose, to open up. The Ambassador Clubs and Wheelchair Skills Training lets kids interact with each other, have fun, learn new things.’