Rebecca-Louise, 6, from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, has spina bifida meaning that she can’t walk unaided. Rebecca’s family were referred to Whizz-Kidz by a family friend, and last year Whizz-Kidz provided a trike that has enabled Rebecca-Louise to be able to get outside and play with her brother and sister.

Rebecca-Louise’s Mum, Hayley, says:

‘Rebecca-Louise needs a wheelchair, callipers and sticks to get around. This meant that before Whizz-Kidz provided her with a trike she couldn’t go outside and play. She used to sit at the front door and watch others play outside. She really wanted a bike so she could play with her brother and sister, instead of just watching.

‘Thanks to Whizz-Kidz now she can go outside and play - she loves it! Having the trike has allowed Rebecca-Louise to be much more independent and active.’

‘Rebecca-Louise has also attended Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training sessions in Peterborough and absolutely loves them. Despite being apprehensive at first, she has learned a lot and has really enjoyed them. She can’t wait to go to more!

‘She goes to a mainstream school, and doesn’t let the fact that she is the only wheelchair user affect her. As the Wheelchair Skills Training sessions are held at a local special school, this allows Rebecca-Louise to meet and interact with other wheelchair users. She loves going to the sessions as she is able to learn new things from them, and they can learn new things from her.

‘She is looking forward to going through primary school, taking each day as it comes. She loves to ride her trike to school, and is really looking forward to the summer months so she can get outside as much as she can to play!’

‘As we are currently making adaptations to our home to help Rebecca-Louise, we wouldn’t have ever been able to get a trike without Whizz-Kidz’s help. As a mum, I can’t tell you the relief and happiness I feel to be able to watch all of my children play together and enjoy themselves.’

Rebecca-Louise says:

‘I would like to say a very big thank you to Whizz-Kidz for my trike!’