Shea is a happy, mischievous, smart boy who enjoys playing games with his two brothers, being cheeky to adults and getting into trouble whenever the opportunity arises. Like any boy in a busy, noisy family, he likes to be the centre of attention and he likes to be able to do his own thing; except for Shea, that isn’t simply a matter of misbehaving then running off giggling to hide in the garden. Shea has cerebral palsy.

He is unable to run or walk and when sitting in a chair or stool, he has to hold on with both hands in order to maintain his balance. This leaves him unable to free his hands to hold a spoon, lift a cup, or throw a ball to one of his brothers. It also leaves him slouched and uncomfortable.

Through Wheelchair Services, Shea was supplied with a temporary indoor training wheelchair to try out, however the overlarge seat did not support him as it should, which made it very difficult for him to operate the joystick designed to give him independent movement. Outside of his wheelchair, Shea’s movement is extremely limited. He moves around on the floor by rolling and by attempting some ‘commando-style’ crawling, but he is further hampered by restricted use of his right arm. He is reliant on his parents when transferring into or out of his chair.

Whizz-Kidz was delighted to be able to fund a powered wheelchair for Shea. It has a low seat, to put Shea at a similar height as his peers and to make for easier standing transfers for his parents. Significantly, the wheelchair also has a riser facility. This allows Shea to access different heights on his own. So now when he wants to reach for a toy, or sit up at the dinner table with others, he can and he doesn’t have to ask for help to do so.

Ever since getting his chair, it has made a simply enormous difference to Shea and his family. It has given him a measure of freedom for the first time in his life, allowing him to join in games in the playground, where he attends a mainstream primary school, and accompany his parents and brothers on family walks and visits to the all-important local football club!