Whizz-Kidz runs Wheelchair Skills Training schemes for young wheelchair users across the UK. The schemes teach young people skills to help them use their equipment safely - for example going up and down kerbs, crossing road safely, carrying objects and loads more, to help them become confident and independent wheelchair users. One young person who has benefitted from this training is Thomas. 

Thomas’s mum, Mandy says:

‘Thomas and I both really enjoyed Wheelchair Skills Training! It was a joy to see him take part in the games and activities with such enthusiasm and for the first time, experience a real sense of inclusion with a group of other wheelchair users.

‘Likewise for me, it was great to have the opportunity to meet other parents and to share our experiences whilst watching our children have so much fun and learn important skills. 

‘Thomas often talks about his experience at Whizz-Kidz and particularly about his Trainer James, who helped him with the slalom and Paul who showed him how to move through doorways.

'Thomas's confidence in his wheelchair has grown considerably since attending the skills courses, so much so that on the last day Thomas offered up his assistance to James to be a trainer with him if he needed!’ 

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