Are you getting ready to put on a fundraising event for Whizz-Kidz but you aren't quite sure about all of the practicalities? You'll find all of the answers here including some rules and regulations you need to be aware of.

Health and Safety

Check out the Institute of Fundraising for the Code of Fundraising Practice. If you would like more information on Health and Safety and Risk Assessments, please email Whizz-Kidz at

Food and Hygiene

It is important to properly maintain food during its preparation, storage, and display. Detailed information in food preparation can be found at Food.Gov. Another source to use is NHS's Food Safety and your local authority.

Data Protection

Any record you keep about people involved in a fundraising event should follow the guidelines of the Data Protection Act. Make sure not to distribute private information to others without permission, and get rid of the information as soon as the event has ended. For further insight into data protection visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website.


Make sure that the event is as risk free as possible. Insurance is often included when hiring out buildings and equipment but it pays to be safe and check. To protect yourself against claims made by third parties for injury or property damage as a result of negligence you should consider public liability cover for your event. For most public events you will need public liability cover in place. This may not be necessary for privately held events. Contact our Events and Community Fundraising Team on 020 7233 9696.

Alcohol and Public Licenses

When hosting an event you may need a license if the event includes alcohol or recorded music and films. Make sure to speak with your local authority if you believe you may need a license. If you are unsure about licenses then please contact our Events and Community Fundraising Team on 020 7233 9696.


If you're organising a private collection you just need the permission of the owner of the premises. Public collections must be licensed by the Local Authority. Before you approach your local authority for a license, please contact our Events and Community Fundraising Team on 020 7233 9696.

Lotteries and Prize Draws

Please follow the guidelines listed on the Gambling Commission website or check with your local authority for laws and information related to lotteries and prize draws.