Our Charity of the Year partnership with Tesco raised over £3.4 million – beating any previous fundraising partnerships that either organisation had previously been involved in. 

Our long-standing partnership with Tesco began when their employees overwhelmingly voted for Whizz-Kidz to be their Charity of the Year. Whizz-Kidz was the smallest charity ever to have won this much-prized corporate partnership. We set out to raise £1.5 million, but through close collaboration, innovation and the expertise demonstrated by our Corporate Partnerships team, we ultimately raised over £3.4 million during the 12 month period.

Fundraising activities

Throughout the year a huge variety of fundraising activities took place, involving Tesco colleagues, customers and suppliers.

Tesco colleagues organised thousands of fundraising events including sponsored challenges, sporting events and workplace fundraising activities such as mini supermarket sweeps for the in-store launch events, raffles, quizzes and fun days.

Tesco also supported us through cause-related marketing promotions – both by giving donations on sales of their own selected products and by partnering with other brands sold in-store such as Gillette and Marmite.

Partnership impacts

  • Through the £3.4 million raised, Whizz-Kidz was able to help over 750 disabled children by providing much-needed mobility equipment to enable them to lead independent lives and to fully enjoy their childhoods.
  • Whizz-Kidz Ambassadors and the disabled children who benefited from the corporate partnership actually visited their local stores to say thank you. This proved to be hugely motivational for Tesco colleagues and a great local PR generator.
  • The Whizz-Kidz partnership reached out to over 250,000 Tesco colleagues across 2,500 sites, and succeeded in engaging new areas of Tesco’s business that had never previously been involved in fundraising.

A lasting legacy

Thanks to the strength of our partnership and the high levels of engagement achieved, our close collaboration with Tesco continues today. 

Tesco is now a long-term corporate partner of Whizz-Kidz, dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children and young people in the UK through support for our charity’s ambitious and innovative programmes of services and life skills provision, known as the Whizz-Kidz Journey.

  • Employee engagement – each year, many Tesco colleagues unite to run the London or New York marathons, in aid of Whizz-Kidz. Tesco colleagues also continue to volunteer at various local services run by Whizz-Kidz, such as Wheelchair Skills Training sessions and Ambassador Clubs.
  • Expertise – as appropriate, Tesco offers valuable pro-bono expertise in the form of training and development for charity staff.
  • Leadership – Sir David Reid, who was the Chairman of Tesco plc until 2011, took on the role of Chair of Trustees for Whizz-Kidz in 2008. He has since been a guiding force in ensuring that Whizz-Kidz continues to lead the way in providing innovation and excellence in the best practice approach to mobility equipment and service provision.
  • Work placements – Tesco recognises the importance of the opportunities and support Whizz-Kidz provides to help disabled teenagers and young adults to further their career prospects. Tesco provides 40 work placement opportunities each year through Whizz-Kidz’ network of young Ambassadors – offering tailored work skills, leadership and team building opportunities to help these disabled youngsters to increase their independence and confidence.

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