Eve from the Wirral is a creative 6-year-old girl who loves to paint, swim and play outdoors when going for walks with her mum.

Eve has muscular dystrophy and needs the use of a wheelchair. She had an NHS wheelchair but the wheelchair was too heavy for her to wheel herself around.

Eve was referred to Whizz-Kidz by her local occupational therapist because the NHS couldn’t provide her with a wheelchair that would suit her needs. We then put Lucy in touch with Helen, one of our mobility therapists.

“Helen was absolutely lovely – she had really good ideas and she was very informative and approachable” (Lucy, Eve’s Mum)

Eve loves being active, so she needed a wheelchair that she could power electrically sometimes so she doesn’t tire herself out.

Thanks to Eve’s Whizz-Kidz wheelchair, she now has the independence to do so many things she couldn’t before, like wheeling herself whilst taking her dog Alfie for walks.

“I can’t wait to take my new puppy Alfie for walks this Christmas” Eve, age 6





At Whizz-Kidz we believe that every child should have the freedom to enjoy being a child, especially at Christmas time.

At any time, there could be 170 or more children waiting for a Whizz-Kidz wheelchair. Will you donate and help more children like Eve get a wheelchair for Christmas?