Flo has an undiagnosed condition which makes the muscles in her arms, legs and her core permanently weak. For as long as Flo was small enough, her parents pushed her in a buggy. But when she outgrew the buggy she was stranded. Every day she grew more exhausted from trying to get around and keep up with her friends. She couldn’t take part in the things she loved liked swimming and Brownies because she was simply exhausted.

When she received her new, powered wheelchair from Whizz-Kidz she was delighted. It was the beginning of her independence and best of all, it was just in time for Christmas.

"For Flo’s whole life I’ve pushed her. Now I can walk next to her and hold her hand. I’ve never been able to do that before. It’s lovely.” - Flo's mum, Jenni

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How your gift will help children like Flo

£15 could start a young wheelchair user on the journey to independence through our Wheelchair Skills Training.

£35 could give a young wheelchair user an introduction to their local Whizz-Kidz Club, an environment to build confidence whilst having fun and making new friends.

£47 could fund an hour with a specialist Whizz-Kidz Mobility Engineer, so we can tailor our chairs to each child’s individual needs.