Graham joined Team Whizz-Kidz in July, 2013.

He decided that he was going to run the London Marathon, and having taken on a marathon before, he knew he’d have to take a slightly different approach to his fundraising this time around. 

Keen to get as many people involved with his fundraising as possible, Graham set about organising a charity golf day. He had businesses sponsor holes along the course and also featured them in the brochure he produced for the tournament. Players also had the chance to win prizes that were donated by other local golf courses.

Graham said, “Most companies were more than willing to make a contribution and it saves pestering friends, family and work colleagues who may be asked quite frequently.

Thinking ahead, Graham set up his JustGiving page early on. He made sure to include the link in every email he sent to business contacts which meant that he had secured a further £400 before the event had even taken place!

Whilst the golf day was a huge success and raised a massive chunk of Graham’s pledge, there was still more fundraising to be done to beat that target.

Graham’s wife pledged to sponsor him £300 if he was brave enough to wax his chest! When asked how he got on, Graham told us, “It was interesting … it wasn’t particularly pleasant – but it was all for a good cause.”

Graham absolutely smashed his target, and raised an incredible £1,789.85.

A £300 chest wax could pay for a nurse for one day to attend Whizz-Kidz residential Camp, catering for the  complex medical needs of up to 10 disabled young people, giving attendees the chance to learn independent living skills and their parents a badly needed break from the responsibility of full-time caring.