Self confessed fancy dress fanatic, Rose, decided to run the London Marathon 2014 in full costume.

“I launched my sponsorship campaign as a competition. For every £10 a person sponsored me I entered them into a draw. Whoever won got the chance to design the fancy dress outfit for me to wear during the London Marathon. The more they sponsored me, the higher their chance of winning. My friends, family and colleagues know how fussy I am about fancy dress outfits (and how seriously I take it) so were very excited about the chance to stitch me up!”

Rose went on to say, “Often people had always intended to sponsor me but had just forgotten. So putting details of my fundraising page on social media reminded them without nagging. Each time I put a Facebook post up I got several donations the same day. I was even offered a free physio session by an old friend from school who saw one of my posts - it's never too early to start fundraising!

As an Education Officer at Bristol Zoo, Rose meets children every day and after seeing first-hand the challenges faced by those with disabilities, she was inspired to get involved in raising money for Whizz-Kidz.

“Their (the children’s) enthusiasm is incredible, yet I see how much they struggle with basic things that I take for granted like getting from A to B. I had heard a lot about the good work Whizz-Kidz does with children and wanted to do what I could to help.”

Quick Tip: “Keep sponsorship forms in your handbag so you can hand them out when you’re out and about (particularly at parties when people are feeling generous).”

Rose ran the London Marathon dressed, very aptly, as a Whizz-Kidz superhero – a green outfit of her friend’s creation – and raised £1600.

£1600 could provide a place for a disabled child at a local Ambassador Club for a whole year, helping them feel less isolated and learn skills which boost their confidence and self-esteem.