Hannah is a playful ten year old who has a love of the outdoors and adventure.

She has cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to get around. Unfortunately Hannah’s local NHS wheelchair service was unable to provide her with a wheelchair she could operate herself. Because of this, Hannah has had to rely on others to push her round her whole life, stopping her from doing the things she loves, like freely exploring the trees at the local park. Her lack of independence was incredibly difficult for her whole family.

​It wasn't her condition that was holding Hannah back, it was the lack of the right equipment.

That was before Hannah's family found Whizz-Kidz. After her assessment with one of our mobility therapists, Whizz-Kidz provided Hannah with a powered wheelchair with specialist controls in the headrest. Now Hannah can operate her own wheelchair and has the freedom to move freely and independently.

Hannah’s new Whizz-Kidz wheelchair has given her a new lease of life.


“Hannah’s new wheelchair will help her make friends. Just the other day Hannah was able to play with her cousins, without the guidance of us pushing her around. They were up to all kinds of mischief; you could see the look of happiness on her face” – Hannah’s Dad, Stephen.

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How your gift will help children like Hannah

£15 could start a young wheelchair user on the journey to independence through our Wheelchair Skills Training.

£35 could give a young wheelchair user an introduction to their local Whizz-Kidz Club, an environment to build confidence whilst having fun and making new friends.

£47 could fund an hour with a specialist Whizz-Kidz Mobility Engineer, so we can tailor our chairs to each child’s individual needs.