Celebrate reaching your personal goals and help disabled children and young people achieve theirs!

At Whizz-Kidz we believe that a disability should not be a barrier to a child reaching their full potential. We know that with the right equipment and support every young wheelchair user can achieve their goals.

We also know that there are times when everyone, young and old, disabled and non-disabled, triumphs over the odds to achieve something – those special moments when it truly feels like there are no limits!

We want you to share and celebrate those moments, and help disabled children and young people feel like there are no limits too! Join our campaign by posting a short 15-30 second video, (or story, or photos – however you’d like to do it) on social media, telling us about a personal achievement.

It can be anything you feel proud of achieving. It could be completing a challenge event like a run or swim, learning to cook a particular meal or play a musical instrument, or even just getting out and about independently for the first time.

Just get out your smartphone, hit record, and tell us about something you've done that made you feel like there are no limits. Tell us how it felt to achieve this, then nominate a friend to make a similar video, and end with a triumphant shout of “No Limitz!” 

Then post it to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #NoLimitz and donate £3 to Whizz-Kidz by texting NOLIMITZ to 70300. You can also make a donation online. The money you donate will help us provide the right wheelchair and support to disabled children all over the UK, enabling them to reach their full potential – because when you see beyond a child’s disability, there really is #NoLimitz to what they can achieve!

“Sarah saw through… the limitations [of Ruby’s disability]… that with a chair she would be able to do everything that we would like her to do, and that she wanted to do, and that there are no limits...”

(Lisa Chittenden, Ruby’s mum)