We know it's important for you to see the difference that your donation and our support can make. We're so grateful to every single one of our supporters. However you choose to support us, we promise to spend these donations so they have the most impact for the young wheelchair users we work with. 



For every £1 raised, we spend 69p on our service delivery – ensuring disabled children and young people get the right mobility equipment and services to help them reach their potential.

For more information, read our latest annual accounts and see the impact your donations are making!


These services provide life changing support for many young wheelchair users. Read about Hannah’s story and see how, thanks to your support, Whizz-Kidz provided her with a new lease of life.

“Thanks to your donations, my little angel is now free to explore her world in all its fullness. Thank you so much” - Tara (Hannah’s Mum)

How You Can Help

Here at Whizz-Kidz, giving a disabled child a wheelchair is just the start. As well as providing vital mobility equipment, we also run clubs, wheelchair skills training and employability placements.

But there is still so much work to be done: there are an estimated 75,000 young wheelchair users in the UK – many of whom don’t have the right mobility equipment to support their needs. By supporting Whizz-Kidz’s work, we can achieve so much together:

£20 - Enables a disabled child to attend one hour of Wheelchair Skills Training where, through games and fun activities, they can develop vital skills and confidence to help them use their wheelchair safely and confidently, and become more independent. 

£47 - Funds an hour of support from an expert Whizz-Kidz Mobility Engineer, enabling them to carry out a final fitting for a child’s new wheelchair, configuring the seating, controls and other features to ensure the equipment is tailored to the child’s individual needs.

£176 - Covers the cost of one day of a Whizz-Kidz work placement for a young wheelchair user, enabling them to build their CV, hone their career aspirations and gain soft skills like communication and team work, increasing their chances of securing employment

£3,700 - Provides a manual chair that fully meets a disabled child’s needs.

£5,500 - Enables Whizz-Kidz to provide a powered wheelchair, helping a child to participate fully at school and in social activities and enabling them to keep up with siblings and classmates.

If you'd like to give a gift to help us to reach more young disabled people in the UK, donate today.

There are many other ways you can get involved with Whizz-Kidz. Find out more about how you can support Whizz-Kidz and help support young disabled people throughout the UK.

If you have any questions about where your money goes, contact the Supporter Services team on supporter@whizz-kidz.org.uk or phone 0207 798 6111.