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Chirag's Story


To mark our 30th anniversary, we’re releasing 30 stories from wheelchair users across our history.

This ambitious and historic project will result in stories being archived as part of the The British Library Sound Archives ensuring that the life experiences of wheelchair users today are captured forever. With thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and The British Library for their support.

In his ’30 Stories’ interview, Chirag covers everything from his experiences at a mainstream primary school as being a wheelchair user, to his recent work placements at an IT company and law firm.

A quadriplegia cerebral palsy, with all of his four limbs affected by this condition, Chirag describes for us his day-to-day life with the help of his PA .He enjoys swimming and plays boccia, Chirag tells us he’s learnt the importance of teamwork through these sports and they have improved his confidence. 

We interviewed Chirag during Covid19 lockdown and at that time, he was at home, feeling frustrated but learning new skills for future employment. The pandemic he says has “changed my perception of life because I don’t know what the future will hold and it’s really worrying me. But on the good side, I can operate from home.” 

Listen to highlights of Chirag’s interview. Apologies for the sound distortion on these clips.


Life at school - listen to a clip here

“I loved it but I found hard being a wheelchair user in my class…In year six they took the whole of my class to France … and I couldn’t go because they didn’t have access … I enjoyed learning but I also felt segregated.”


Daily life - listen to a clip here

“When I’m out with my PA,  I know what to do like. Every week,  I go out shopping with my PA, I’m able to manage my shopping like anyone else and direct my PA on what I would like to buy. Also, I am able to use a computer because I have learnt these skills at home and school.”

Work Placements - listen to a clip here

My first work placement was in an IT recruitment company which was fantastic, they made me feel part of a team. They really supported me in everything and I gained a lot of knowledge about working life. Before the pandemic in January 2020, I did another placement with Stephenson Howard, a law firm which was really exceptional…I was working alongside a Director …and he was really good because he made me feel welcome and I did a lot of data entry and the best thing of all was on the last day, which I have never did before, I was asked to prepare a PowerPoint about Whizz-Kidz and do a talk in front of 20 employees in the board meeting and they enjoyed it so much that they were inspired to do fundraising for Whizz-Kidz.”


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