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Wheelchair Skills

Manual Wheelchair Skills - Ramps and Gradients: Up and Downhill

In this video Stephen shows you how to think about and approach gradients and slopes that go up and down.

Whizz Kidz Team
Whizz Kidz Team

Before you start, take a look at this health and safety checklist:

  • Check you are comfortable in your chair – sit up straight if you can, try not to slouch
  • Bottom in the back of the chair,
  • Brakes on,
  • Seatbelt on,
  • Feet on foot plate,
  • Anti-tip bar down if possible (we will adjust this later for back wheel balance),
  • Remember to make sure your fingers don’t get caught in brakes or wheels
  • Check surroundings – make sure you have plenty of space and check whether there are any obstacles to avoid / you will need an adult on hand to support you for these advanced skills