We transform the lives of disabled people in the UK through our dynamic approach. We want to work more widely with the NHS to extend our model for wheelchair provision in order to reach more disabled people, quickly and with equipment that suits their needs. 

The Whizz-Kidz approach:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are experts in paediatric mobility.

    Our Mobility Therapists (experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists) use their expert knowledge to assess and provide children with high quality wheelchairs tailored to their everyday lives, hobbies and home. Whizz-Kidz also believes that a clinician is not the only expert when it comes to a disabled child’s wheelchair assessment. Young people and families should be fully involved in the decisions around healthcare provision which affects their lives, mobility and independence.

  • We secure value for money.

    Whizz-Kidz has developed an effective procurement strategy. We have worked with both Tesco and Accenture on a pro bono basis to improve our supply chain to provide delivery of equipment at the time of assessment. We work closely with wheelchair manufacturers to find value for money where NHS framework agreements sometimes cannot. This approach helps our NHS partners to reduce the cost of standard wheelchairs, or help them obtain more sophisticated equipment at a similar budget.

  • We are people focused and have a holistic approach.

    Whizz-Kidz considers the ‘whole person’. While clinical needs always come first, we also base decisions on disabled people’s social, environmental and lifestyle needs. We provide essential mobility equipment that allows young people to be independent and to participate in everyday activities. We would like to see the NHS and other providers replicate this approach, as it significantly improves a child’s quality of life  and brings about significant societal and economic benefits in the long term.

  • We are innovative.

    Whizz-Kidz is well known for innovative ways of working. Our unwavering focus on our customers drives us to implement pioneering approaches to create a better experience for the children, young people and adults and enables us to supply equipment at the earliest opportunity. Our innovations, particularly ‘Child in a Chair in a Day’ have been lauded by leaders in the health service.

  • We are focused on excellent clinical outcomes.

    The clinical problems caused by incorrect or ill-fitting wheelchairs range from minor injuries and pressure sores, to hospitalisation and even surgery. We provide disabled people with appropriate mobility equipment at the right time. Whizz-Kidz is committed to working with the NHS to reach greater numbers of disabled young people to achieve excellent clinical outcomes and avoid the potential problems caused by having equipment that doesn’t adequately meet their needs, clinically or holistically.

  • We offer choice.

    Whizz-Kidz fully involves disabled children, young people, adults and their families in the assessment process and we offer as much choice as possible. We determine the best outcome for each person and their family in direct consultation with them. We also offer a wide range of equipment, colours and adaptations to suit each individual.

  • We give clinical staff more time to do clinical work.

    We have implemented lean processes so that information is recorded in a better and quicker way, which frees up time for clinical work. We have also invested in training for non-clinical staff to carry out administrative ‘behind the scenes’ work. This lean way of working means that we are able to deliver wheelchair services better, faster and more efficiently.

  • We believe in the benefits of early mobility.

    For a disabled young person, the right wheelchair means freedom. The right mobility equipment enables disabled children to have a fun and active childhood and perhaps most fundamentally, the chance to develop their full potential. Pro bono support from economic experts, Frontier Economics, has also highlighted the benefits of early mobility to wider society. They found that for every £1 spent on the right mobility equipment for disabled children, benefits of between £10 and £65 were delivered for parents, carers, schools NHS and local and central Government.

  • We have a proven track record.

    Whizz-Kidz has been transforming the lives of wheelchair users since 1990 and research shows that the impact of Whizz-Kidz’s wheelchair services are significant and wide ranging. Our unique and successful approach to wheelchair provision is also held up as a beacon of best practice by leaders in the health service. We believe that every wheelchair user should have the choice to be referred to providers like Whizz-Kidz. We are confident that Choice and Competition offers a real opportunity to use our proven track record and extend the improvements to wheelchair provision that Whizz-Kidz has developed with existing NHS partners, to the rest of the country.

  • We think that the wheelchair is just the start…!

    Whizz-Kidz believes that giving a disabled child a wheelchair is just the start of their journey. Our Mobility Therapists make sure that each wheelchair user is able to operate their equipment safely and we also encourage children and young people to attend Whizz-Kidz Wheelchair Skills Training. In addition, we deliver a range of other added value services which give young disabled people the chance to meet, have fun and gain new skills, setting them on the path to an independent and active future.