Ben's Story

The family were recommended to Whizz Kidz when his mum mentioned looking for a powered chair for Ben

The Butler household is a very busy household. Ben is the first baby of 4, followed by 3 girls; Maddy 12, Teagan 6 and Isabelle 4. Plus 3 French Bulldogs and 1 cat!

Ben's favourite thing is relaxing with a good film, whether at home or at the cinema. He loves eating pizza and sweet popcorn. He also loves spending time with his best friend Kerry (She's a carer but we're not allowed to call her that!) They research movies, put short videos together and create scripts with Ben's million puppets!

Ben has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and he's autistic. Because of this, Ben needs around the clock care, personal care, feeding and he's a fulltime wheelchair user. He's never let his condition get in the way of what he wants. He's a determined, driven, very imaginative, funny young lad! Although he has a sensitive side, affectionate mummy's boy! His sisters are very caring and helpful with Ben, although they argue like all siblings - especially about what is on the tv.

The family were recommended to Whizz Kidz by a family member when his mum mentioned looking for a powered chair for Ben. Ben is still getting to grips with Zippy 3000. He named his powered wheelchair as he doesn’t like people calling it his "electric chair. He's improving all the time. He's loved having the independence at school, going from one classroom to the next with his friends, rather than being pushed by an adult.

Ben has a big extended family – he is one of 10 cousins with Ben being the first boy, followed by 8 girls, finishing finally with a baby boy born April 2022. When they all get together it's not much fun for Ben. He enjoys chilling with the men now, as he has a mature sense of humour, but being able to take Zippy 3000 to the park has been so much fun! The girls and dogs run around the field and Ben can be free, joining in as well!

Why morph?

Ben, he is a HUGE film fan. He loves knowing the ins and outs of every film, the behind the scenes, how it was made, any stories about what happened on set, etc! Since being introduced to Wallace and Gromit years ago, Ben has grown to love everything AARDMAN, and Morph was no exception! To add to this, Ben was kindly funded a powered wheelchair by Whizz Kidz. So when these two teamed up Ben HAD to get involved everywhere possible and feels VERY passionate about the cause.

Ben's school Samuel Cody in Farnborough have been fundraising to do a mini morph. To raise funds, the school and Ben’s family held numerous events and ways for everyone to get involved. Including a coffee morning, a zumbathon and a chance for people to sponsor Ben to do 100 laps in the main hall in his powered wheelchair!

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McKenzie wears a green Whizz-Kidz T-shirt in a manual wheelchair in an open field