Whizz Kidz Safeguarding Statement 

Whizz Kidz want to make sure that if you come to our clinics, clubs or events that you are safe. Keeping you safe is called Safeguarding.

Safeguarding – Safeguarding means making sure you are safe from someone hurting you.

Whizz Kidz will make sure that we work in a way that protects you from abuse.

Abuse – Abuse is when someone hurts you or treats you badly. This means things like hitting you or calling you names. Abuse can also be when someone who is there to help you, does not look after you properly.

Whizz Kidz wants to make sure you never experience abuse.

The law says Whizz Kidz must make sure that when you come to our services you are safe.  This means that if you come to Whizz Kidz, we will keep you safe by;

  • Listening to you, your feelings and what you think.
  • Working with your parents, carers and professionals to support you.
  • Make sure anyone that works with you will also keep you safe.

Whizz Kidz will support you to share your concerns. If you feel unsafe at home, at Whizz Kidz or at school, please talk to our Safeguarding Team.

Email: safeguarding@whizz-kidz.org.uk

Phone: 020 7233 6600