Money matters for young wheelchair users

Get useful money advice and avoid costly mistakes with these helpful videos and blogs

Managing your money is challenging for everyone with a bank account, investments or even a piggy bank under the bed. If you’re a young wheelchair user, you can face another layer of issues which the videos and blogs on this page will give you tips on tackling.

The advice and experiences of actors, presenters and disability activists like Sam Renke and Emily Nicole Roberts offer some excellent pointers on looking after your money. They’ve been there as young wheelchair users and bought the t-shirt – on eBay – so they know the joys and peril of online shopping for a start.

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Why are banks a challenge for wheelchair users?

One of the challenges you face as a wheelchair user is getting your hands on your money in the first place. As Sam Renke highlights, high street banks, often located in old buildings, can be hard to access, and that was before the trend to close branches saw them disappear from many towns and cities. If you can find one, you have to get inside. Sam has one answer, online banking. But as Emily Nicole Roberts shares, a new range of risks and rewards are thrown up when money meets the internet. She says her parents found out the hard way when she accidentally purchased £300 of Bratz dolls and a matching tent online using their eBay account.

    Sam has lots of great advice for spending money to benefit your bank balance in the long term. She suggests bulk buying items, which can also give wheelchair users a sense of security and a saving when they can’t just pop to the shops as easily as non-disabled people can. Sam has some tips on boosting your finances by selling unwanted items and getting creative, which can enrich your well-being and bank account.

    Emily’s video focuses on keeping your money safe online as a young wheelchair user. She has suggestions for developing a strong password to secure your precious money using her acronym of S.A.F.E.

    Watch their videos and read the blogs from Emily and content creator Chelsie Jones on good money management to get on top of your finances. It pays off because the more you’re in charge of your money, the more you can buy the things you want, save up for larger items, events or experiences, and know what you can afford to do. That’s the thing, being confident with your money doesn’t just mean spending it. Taking control of what you spend and save can give you the independence to do what you want in life.