We are the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users. We create opportunities for young wheelchair users to get the equipment, skills and confidence to go further


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We are incredibly proud of what our supporters help us to achieve. Find out more about our sponsored events, partnerships and other ways you can get involved.

Wheelchairs and equipment

From manual wheelchairs to powered options, trikes, buggies and more – we’ll keep you mobile and moving forward as you grow. Take a look at how we can help.

Skills and training

We understand the issues young wheelchair users can face. Take a look at our accredited wheelchair skills training, employability services and financial self-help videos and articles.

Social activities

Whizz Kidz doesn’t just provide high-quality mobility equipment. We’re an active, open community that supports you at every turn. Find out more.

About us

Our vision is a society in which every young wheelchair user is mobile, enabled and included. Find out more about us.


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Browse our current openings and find out what it is like to work at Whizz Kidz

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You can get in touch directly with our teams by using our quick online forms. Alternatively, you can get in touch by email, post or phone.

Equipment Contact Enquiry

Do you have a question about applying to Whizz Kidz for powered or manual wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs or trikes, or a query about your current Whizz Kidz mobility equipment?

Young People's Services Enquiry

Have a question about Whizz Kidz Clubs, camps, work placements, activity days, Wheelchair Skills Training or a similar service?

Events & Fundraising Enquiry

Anything you need to know about the London Marathon, challenge events, corporate giving, local fundraising events, gifts in wills or any other fundraising enquiry?

Sales & 3rd Party Services Enquiry

Are you looking to introduce your company's services to Whizz Kidz? Get in touch here.

Human Resources & Careers Enquires

Do you need to know more about working for Whizz Kidz? Get in touch here.

Supporter Care Enquiry

Do you have a question about supporting Whizz Kidz with a donation? Get in touch here.

Meet the Team

Read more about our trustees, senior management, patrons and special supporters, who are all key to our work.

Media & Press Centre

Find out more information from the media and press office at Whizz Kidz.

Reports & Resources

Take a look at our latest reports and resources

Our Strategy: Empowering Young Wheelchair Users

Too many young people aren't getting a wheelchair that fully meets their needs. Our new strategy, Empowering Young Wheelchair Users, is here to change that.

Annual Accounts

Take a look at our most recent annual accounts, all available to download.

Safeguarding Policy

Take a look at Whizz Kidz's safeguarding policy

Supporter Feedback Policy

Take a look at Whizz Kidz's supporter feedback policy


Young wheelchair users can apply for one of our brilliant employment opportunities. A work placement or employability skills day can help to boost skill set and increase confidence within the workplace.

Money Matters

Managing your money is challenging for everyone with a bank account. If you’re a young wheelchair user, you can face another layer of issues which the videos and blogs on this page will give you tips on tackling.

General Finance

Keep on top of your finances with these great tips for young wheelchair users

Tips and tricks for managing money with Sam Renke

Join Sam Renke, actor, broadcaster and disability activist, as gives her words of wisdom on the 'dos and don'ts' of money management as a wheelchair user

Top tips for managing money with Chelsie Jones

Join actor, presenter and disability influencer Chelsie Jones, as she shines a light on her experiences of day-to-day spending and online banking

Accessing Government Funding with Miro Griffiths

Join Research Fellow in Disability Studies, Miro Griffiths, as he explores the importance of personal finances as a disabled person.

Freedom to Enjoy Your Money with George Fielding

Join Director at Amethyst Care & Support Group, George Fielding, as he talks about not feeling alone in facing challenges with money management.

How to Save Money as a Disabled Person with Joshua Reeves

Join Disability Rights Campaigner and YouTuber Joshua Reeves, as he explores saving money, independence and discipline.

Looking after you

Whizz Kidz want to offer a happy, healthy and inclusive work environment where you can thrive, achieve your full potential and be rewarded and recognised for performing brilliantly. Find out more.

Our values and culture

Learn more about ‘life’ at Whizz-Kidz and what it's like to be part of our team. Find out more.

Learning opportunities

Discover how we embrace a learning organisational culture where you can thrive. Find out more.

Current opportunities

As the UK's leading charity for young wheelchair users, we have an important job to do: empower young people. Take a look at our current openings.

Senior Managers

Meet our senior management team here at Whizz Kidz.

Policy & Research

We lead high quality policy work with and for young wheelchair users and their families across the UK to campaign for a fairer society in which every young wheelchair user is mobile, enabled and included.

Our Asks of Government

Young wheelchair users in the UK are being held back. For young wheelchair users across the UK to be mobile, enabled and included, we are campaigning on five asks.

Our Letter to the Prime Minister

At Whizz Kidz, we believe that you and your appointed representatives must provide more support to young wheelchair users. We are calling on you to do this through the following demands.

Open letter to the UK Government

Whizz-Kidz, the UK’s leading charity for young wheelchair users, welcomes the recent release of Frontier Economic’s report, An Economic Assessment of Wheelchair Provision in England.

Increase financial support for families of disabled children

Whizz Kidz supported Guide Dogs UK in calling on the Chancellor of Exchequer to increase financial support for families of disabled children.

Our Impact

Read about the lifechanging impact we're making to the lives of young wheelchair users.

Whizz Kidz Allies

Work alongside Whizz Kidz and the young people we support to tackle issues of disability equity, and the various points of intersectionality of our society.

Higher Education

In this series you’ll hear about what to research, what support is available and key things to be aware of to set you off on the right track!

Good money management with Chelsie Jones

From struggling with numbers to setting budgets, Chelsie discusses how she manages her money.

Overcoming barriers and feeling proud with Miro Griffiths

From accessibility to attitudes, Miro discusses how he overcomes the barriers he faces on a daily basis.

Top tips for living a financially sensible life with Sam Steel

From knowing your entitlement rights to starting a rainy day fund, Sam shares the finance advice he wishes he'd known from the start.

Staying Safe Online

Whether it’s banking or shopping, knowing how to keep personal details safe is an important step to staying in control of your money

Powered Chairs

Powered chairs use the latest technology to bring mobility to the children and young people we work with. Find out more.

Manual Chairs

If you’re a young person who uses a manual wheelchair, getting the right one for your needs is life-changing


Find out how to apply for mobility equipment from Whizz Kidz

Apply by post

Find out how to apply for our services by post.

Add-on Power

Wheelchair power assist add-ons can give your manual chair a boost when you need it most. Find out more.

Special Needs Buggies

Buggies support a child’s unique needs and enable them to explore the outdoors with their family. Find out more.

Under 5s

Being able to get around on your own is vital for young children’s development. We’re here to help.

Recreational Equipment

Getting moving is only the start – sports wheelchairs, trikes and other cool equipment can help take you further. Find out more.

Caring For Your Wheelchair

We' share what to do if your wheelchair has a fault or if your child has an accident, as well as some essential maintenance tips.


Our wheelchair clinics are where your needs are met with high-quality mobility equipment, expertly selected and fitted by our dedicated team of therapists and engineers.

Between U'N'I - a university checklist with Emily Nicole

In this video, Emily Nicole shares her ultimate university checklist as a wheelchair user

Personal finance and university with Miro Griffiths

In this video, Miro Griffiths discusses his top tips for managing your money during and after university

A guide to Disabled Students' Allowances with Sophie Washington

In this video, Sophie shares her advice on applying for a Disabled Students’ Allowance

Tips and tricks for travel and higher education with Finley Tonner

In this video, Finley discusses how to save money while travelling as a wheelchair user

Preparing for university with Emily Nicole Roberts

From finance to accessibility, Emily Nicole discusses what you need to have the best time at university

Applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance with Sophie Washington

Sophie shares her experience and tips for applying for a DSA ahead of university

Tips for making the most of university life with Finley Tonner

From accessible accommodation to public transport, Finley shares his top tips for having a blast at university

Keeping your money safe online with Emily Nicole

Disability activist Emily Nicole discusses the importance of online money management and safety in this useful video

Safe online money management with Emily Nicole Roberts

Emily Nicole shares her top tips for looking after your money and staying safe online.

Wheelchair Skills Training

Our Wheelchair Skills Training (for ages 2-25) will help you navigate the world with confidence, safety and even a little style because getting the right chair is only the start.

Wheelchair Skills Videos

Our instructors Stephen and Adam show you how to carry a drink, moving forwards and backwards, judging kerbs, opening doors and much more.

Accredited Training

Whizz Kidz has developed an accredited training for wheelchair skills which recognises young people’s learning and development on the course

Wheelchair Maintenance Videos

We have a collection of videos showing you simple ways to maintain your wheelchair

Families Network

Find out how our online community supports the families of young wheelchair users.

Whizz Kidz Families Terms

View the terms and conditions for the Whizz Kidz Families group.

Sibling Group

Find out how Whizz Kidz offers disabled sibling support to the brothers and sisters of young wheelchair users

Sign up to the Sibling Group

Complete the form to sign up to our sibling group

Activity Programmes

Whizz Kidz’s activities for disabled children and young people are designed to build your confidence while you make friends and have fun.

Kidz Max Days

Our Kidz Max Days give you the chance to try brilliant new activities, meet up with other young wheelchair users and share family experiences you’ll never forget.

Alumni Network

Find out more about our Alumni Network including how to sign-up.


No matter your age or ability, we offer fun and inspiring ways to fundraise for Whizz Kidz. Find out more.

Fundraising Ideas

Want to raise money for Whizz Kidz but need more ideas of what to do? You’re on the right page! We have loads of instant inspiration listed from A to Z.

Digital Resources

Thinking of fundraising for Whizz Kidz? We’ll support you all the way with our free high-quality fundraising resources.

Group Fundraising

Fundraising together is a fantastic way to reach new people, raise money and have fun with a shared purpose.


University fundraising is great for making new friends and having huge amounts of fun with a goal in mind: making young lives unstoppable!

School Fundraising

School is the perfect place to fundraise with young wheelchair users in mind. Introducing Whizz Kidz to your school community is a great idea whether you're a teacher, student or parent.

Keeping Safe

We want to make fundraising for Whizz Kidz as easy, fun and impactful as possible. We also want you to be safe, so here are some tips and advice.

Setting up a Fundraising Page

We have made this handy step by step guide to setting up an online fundraising page, along with some of our Events Team’s top tips to help make your fundraising effort go the extra mile.

Pay in Money

How to safely and easily pay in the money you’ve worked hard to raise for young wheelchair users


Our corporate, trust and statutory partners play a vital part in helping us fund our work. Find out more.

Celebration Giving

Ask for donations instead of gifts for your special occasion this year and support young wheelchair users across the UK.

Gifts in Wills

Help a child to dream big – with a gift in your Will to Whizz Kidz. Find out more.


We have lots of volunteering opportunities whether you want to work directly with our young wheelchair users at events and services, or support central teams in Fundraising, Finance, HR or Comms.


This Privacy and Cookies Policy, along with our Terms and Conditions, sets out how we collect and use your data. Please read the following carefully to understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it.


Give a significant donation to Whizz Kidz and help us create a society where every young wheelchair user is mobile, enabled and included.

Volunteering Opportunities

You can work directly with young people at our regional clubs in England, Wales and Scotland, or you can support us behind the scenes online or at our head office in London.

Kidz Board

We are the Kidz Board and we’re a group of young wheelchair users, who are proud to each represent a different area of the UK.

Submit your plan

Tell us about your fundraising plan and we'll see how we can help you!

Training & Nutrition Guide

Whether you’re planning for your first fun run or tackling your twentieth marathon, we have worked with experts to create easy-to-follow running programmes and nutrition guides to coach anyone training for an event.

Corporate Partnerships

We’re proud of our charity corporate partnerships, which are innovative, mutually beneficial and award-winning. They have a huge lasting impact on young wheelchair users and their families.

Corporate Partnership Success Stories

We are delighted to be working with a wide range of businesses, now and previously, each committed to transforming the lives of young wheelchair users. Find out more about how successful these partnerships have been.

Trusts and Statutory

Become one of our grant-making supporters and transform the lives of young wheelchair users

Trusts and Statutory Success Stories

As well as longstanding relationships with small local trusts, we regularly work with Lottery funders, government and large grant-making foundations to sustain and grow our vital services. Find out more about how successful these partnerships have been.

Ben's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Ben.

Carmela's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Carmela.

Jasper's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Jasper.

Kashyani's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Kashyani.

Kiyo Rei's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Kiyo Rei.

McKenzie's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, McKenzie.

Millie-Rose's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Millie-Rose.

Nusaybah's Story

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the life of young wheelchair user, Nusaybah.

Siblings Group

Read about the lifechanging impact we've made to the siblings of young wheelchair users


Meet our patrons here at Whizz Kidz.


Meet our trustees here at Whizz Kidz.

My First Wheelchair Matters

My First Wheelchair Matters: reshaping NHS wheelchair services for children aged 3-5

Research Panel

By being a part of our panel, your voice and expertise can help shape and influence what we do and how we do it.


These are the terms and conditions of use for www.whizz-kidz.org.uk (Site). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you start to use the Site.

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London Marathon Hub

Your go to area for support and ideas to smash that target, and everything you need to know for your marathon journey.


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Families and Young People

Take a look at Whizz Kidz's publications and reports for families and young people.

Community Change Projects

We help to fund youth led projects...

Wheelchair Awareness Campaign

St Ann’s School set about an ambitious community change project to raise awareness and educate people about disability. Find out more.

Accessible Playground Activities

Pontprennau Primary School in Cardiff applied for their community change funding to improve accessibility and inclusivity playtimes. Find out more.

Boccia Club

Shenstone School, based in Dartford, applied to Whizz Kidz for a Community Change Fund to set up their very own Boccia Club a school. Find out more.

Accessible Forest School

The school applied to our Whizz Kidz Community Change Fund to improve the accessibility of their forest school. Find out more.

Accessible Sport

Turves Green Primary School in Birmingham applied to the community change fund with the idea to purchase inclusive sports equipment. Find out more.

Activity Days

Whizz Kidz’s activities for disabled children and young people are designed to build your confidence while you make friends and have fun.

Challenge Events Confirmation

Thank you for signing up. Our events team will be on hand every step of the way to make sure that you get the most out of your personal challenge.

Festive Greetings

Festive Greetings from all of us at Whizz Kidz.

Morph's Epic Art Adventure

We saw over 150,000 people actively engage with Morph’s Epic Art Adventure trail, as well as thousands more online, and wanted to share some highlights of the impact of those incredible 9 weeks.

Doing Your Own Thing

We understand that doing your own thing can be daunting, but fear not, we are on hand to support with all the resources and advice you could need to make a real difference to young wheelchair users.

The Times Christmas Appeal 2023

Read more about The Times Christmas Appeal 2023 featuring Whizz Kidz. View all of the stories we featured in.

Kidz Board Impact Report

Find out about the impact our Kidz Board have made. The Kidz Board are a group of young wheelchair users, who are proud to each represent a different area of the UK.

Kidz Max Days 2023

Find out what we did for our Kidz Max Days in 2023 across England, Scotland and Wales.


Take a look at our photo and video consent form

London Marathon Runners Guide

Welcome to your guide to everything you need to know to get you ready for the big day

London Marathon Supporter Guide

We would love for you to be alongside us to cheer on your loved ones. Here is all the information you’ll need for race day.

London Marathon Application

Apply to be a part of Team Whizz Kidz for the London Marathon


Whizz Kidz Safeguarding Statement: Whizz Kidz want to make sure that if you come to our clinics, clubs or events that you are safe. Keeping you safe is called Safeguarding.

Tick the Whizz Kidz Box

Level-up your run by ticking the Whizz Kidz Box when signing up for the 2025 London Marathon Ballot

London Marathon Own Place

Apply to be a part of Team Whizz Kidz for the London Marathon

Register your interest

Register your interest to attend one of our Kidz Max Days. Find out more here.