Add-on Power

Wheelchair power assist add-ons can give your manual chair a boost when you need it most

Adding power assistance to your wheelchair can make it more versatile. They give you the flexibility to go further without it being a test of your strength and endurance, which is not what you need when you’re already having a tiring day.

These battery-powered devices use similar electrical technology to what you see on the latest e-bike. Attached to a manual wheelchair, they come in different forms, but all provide extra power, and so increase your mobility.

Power assist add-ons can help young wheelchair users go longer distances, take on inclines and travel across uneven terrain more easily. They can also help you if your disability makes self-propelling for more extended periods a challenge.

What are the benefits of power assist add-ons?

Power assist add-ons give you more flexibility on the move. They can usually be easily attached when you need that extra power but also taken off when not required. Compatible with different types of manual wheelchairs for young wheelchair users, add-ons like these can reduce the risk of shoulder injuries from propelling manual chairs. They are also an option when you are too tired to push when travelling a longer distance, or up hills, and some can help going over rougher ground. In all these ways, they can make you more independent and give you the options you need to get around comfortably and smoothly.

What are the different types of wheelchair power assist  add-ons?

Power Wheels

These battery-powered wheels replace your manual wheelchair’s rear wheels, easily slotting on and off when needed. They can sense your pushes on the handrim and give you a boost to assist. Perfect for when you need to go a longer distance or are tired and want some extra zip.

The Empulse Wheeldrive

Power Packs User operated or carer operated

Attaching to the rear  of a manual wheelchair, these battery-powered packs help push the manual wheelchair forward. Controlled by the user or the carer/attendant when pushing the chair, the steering is  standard through the wheels when user operated or through the push handles when carer operated. They make it easier and less-tiring to be out for longer

A Smart Drive power add-on attached to the back of a manual wheelchair

Power assist bike attachment

Attaching to the front of a manual wheelchair, with a handlebar, throttle and brake, these allow users to steer and control the speed of their wheelchair and allow use for longer distances including across more uneven terrain such as forest walks, . When removed, the chair can be operated as usual.

The Tri-Ride Kids power assist bike attachment

Whizz Kidz can find the right wheelchair power assist add-on for you. Our expert mobility therapists and engineers will consider how you’ll use it and where you want to go to decide what would suit you best. Apply now using our equipment application form.

One important thing to note: when looking to fit add-on power to a wheelchair funded or part funded by the NHS, the Wheelchair Service concerned must give consent.

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