Powered Chairs

Go further with an electrically powered wheelchair that gives freedom with every charge

Powered chairs use the latest technology to bring mobility to the children and young people we work with. They are more than just electric mobility devices. They give their users independence that can change lives. By enabling young wheelchair users to go where they want, they can reduce isolation, increase confidence and improve quality of life.

Whizz Kidz provides powered chairs to fit all ages and sizes, from toddlers to almost adults. We get the right wheelchair for your needs and then fit it correctly to your body and posture. The type of control system will match the user’s motor skills. We are happy to provide for learners and switch users. We also supply attendant-controlled powered chairs where the young person is not able to control the chair themselves. We ensure young people get all the necessary adaptations and accessories, including headrests, trays, cushions, or switches.

Maintenance of these expensive and advanced devices is essential. Whizz Kidz is here to help. Our team of engineers will be able to help you to keep your power chair running smoothly. Plus, we have tips to fix some issues and keep your chair powered and ready.

With a power chair, the young user is only ever a push of the controls away from joining in with peers or their family. Enhancing their development, education and social interaction, it can allow them to explore independently and power up their potential.

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