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How Whizz Kidz offers support to the brothers and sisters of young wheelchair users

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Being the brother or sister of a young wheelchair user is a relationship full of joy but comes with its own challenges. That’s why Whizz-Kidz is here for siblings too. Our Sibling Groups are here to bring children aged 7-11 and 12-15 together to have fun, talk about their feelings and build confidence.

“It’s a very heart-warming group, and you do really good activities”

Sibling Group attendee

"It’s something special just for the sibling. It helps connect with others and the focus is completely on the individual"


At Whizz Kidz, we know that sibling support is vital because the brothers and sisters of young wheelchair users can struggle, feeling left out or isolated. Our Siblings Group hold online sessions to connect with young people in a similar situation. They can make new friends by participating in pre-arranged activities ranging from craft makes to playing games.

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A young wheelchair user and their sibling go along a pavement hand in hand