Jasper's Story

I feel happy that my wheelchair helps me do the things I like to do and have fun

10-year-old Jasper from Reigate describes himself as adventurous, smart and perseverant, and dreams of one day being a TV presenter. After having a spinal cord injury caused by a stroke in his spine when he was 2 years old, Jasper needs to use a wheelchair however this hasn’t stopped him on planning to travel all over the world (especially to Japan) and to volunteer to be a wheelchair skills trainer so he can help other children.

“I first heard about Whizz Kidz when my mum told me I was getting a cool, lightweight wheelchair. I got my first chair from Whizz Kidz when I was 4, and it was amazing to first use it after the huge, ugly black one that the NHS offered. It felt amazing and I felt really free to zoom around finally. My current one is orange and bronze, my favourite colours.”

I feel happy that my wheelchair helps me do the things I like to do and have fun. I can go more places with my Whizz Kidz chair, which is important because I love to travel!  It is also nice because my mum can lift it because it isn’t so heavy and it can fit right into the back of our car.  I am also a bit of a ninja with my wheelchair skills, which means I can travel anywhere and also keep up with my friends.  I want to be a volunteer wheelchair trainer someday! Without these wheelchairs my life would be less fun and my shoulders would hurt.

It’s amazing that Whizz Kidz has been able to give me two super cool wheelchairs. I feel more confident because I can move around so easily and keep up with other kids.

I’m not the only one that loves Whizz Kidz, my little brother Elliot (8years old) takes part in the Siblings Groups every month which he really likes. My mum also loves Whizz Kidz because anytime my chair needs adjusting or when I outgrew my first chair, they gave me a new one and I got to pick all the colours and other bits.  It is great because my mum can lift it because it is so light and it doesn’t hurt her back.  It makes it easy for my family and I to go anywhere.

I’m really excited to see the Morph step free trial.  It is going to be really fun!  I can’t wait to have a day out in London and find them all.

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McKenzie wears a green Whizz-Kidz T-shirt in a manual wheelchair in an open field