Kashyani's Story

Whizz Kidz have given me the opportunity to go to many places and do many things I never knew was possible before

Kashyani, aged 11, describes himself as adventurous, brave and caring. With an ambition to become a scientist as well as to help other young people build their confidence, Kashyani is confident looking towards his future.

“I have cerebral palsy, although my condition affects all my four limbs, I try not to let it affect me mentally and I am so happy that I have such supportive and caring family who encourages me.

Having my wheelchair feels amazing. Without my manual wheelchair it would be really difficult for me to get around when I go on holiday or abroad to visit my family, as it's not as accessible as the UK, therefore we cannot travel with my powered wheelchair.

Whizz-Kidz has given me couple manual wheelchairs over the years and I have taken part in activities online, as well as going to wheelchair training when I was much younger. Whizz Kidz have given me the opportunity to go to many places and do many things I never knew was possible before. For example, when I went wheelchair skiing and water sports in Staines.

I feel more independent and confident since I've been involved with Whizz Kidz because unfortunately there's not a lot of activities for wheelchair users in my Borough that I can do. But with Whizz Kidz I really don't feel like I'm missing out because every month there's new activities happening nearby. Whizz Kidz has had a great impact on my family because we don't have to worry about juggling activities between me and my sibling as Whizz Kidz are open to siblings attending most activities.

I honestly don't know but I know I wouldn't be the same, positive, outgoing and confident person I am today without them.

I think the Morph trail is brilliant and hopefully a lot of wheelchair users will go out and explore them, seeing that they will be easily accessible around London.”

Our Impact

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McKenzie wears a green Whizz-Kidz T-shirt in a manual wheelchair in an open field