Nusaybah's story

Nusaybah is bright as a button and enjoys doing what other children her age do, her previous chair restricted this

Nusaybah is a hilarious, tenacious and kind little girl. She enjoys watching cartoons such as Busy Beavers, Baby Shark. She also loves to play with her baby Annabel doll, painting and getting messy.

The wheelchair she was given by Whizz Kidz enables Nusaybah to play independently at home, she can move around and get the things she wants to play with. It also enables her to attend nursery and play with other children of her own age, she can move around nursery with the other children and join in with all of the fun.

Nusaybah has Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele, Hydrocephalus and a vesicostomy. She has had five operations during her 3 ½ years. She has physio 6 times per day, but Amera has built this into their daily routine. At home, Nusaybah got around by crawling when at home and the chair she had was a pushchair and was heavy and bulky, so Nusaybah had no independence whilst out or when visiting family/friends.

Amera first contacted Whizz Kidz in January 2021 after another Mum at a group she attend through Shine told her about us. Amera researched what types of wheelchairs were available and it was very important that the chair was lightweight so Nusaybah could self-propel so she could be active and independent. Amera really wanted Nusaybah to attend Nursery so she could socialize with other children, enjoy the things kids of her age enjoy but also to prepare her for school, she didn’t want Nusaybah to stay go from being with a child minder straight into school, which would have been very intimidating.

Nusaybah is very bright and loves being active, so Amera was so happy that she got to test different wheelchairs before making the decision to go with the Panthera Mirco, which is exactly what she wanted for her, something light which was easy to manoeuvre.

Nusaybah is now able to move from room to room at home, she can open drawers and get things that she wants instead of asking Mummy for them. When she visits family, she can get around and enjoy time with her big Brother and Sister and all her cousins, they are also looking forward to taking Nusaybah out when she is a little older.

Amera is truly grateful for the wheelchair that Nusaybah has and seeing Nusaybah, doing 360 degree round and rounds bought it home just how happy Nusaybah is with her chair and the independence it has given her.

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