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Being a sibling of someone in a wheelchair comes with its own set of joys and challenges

Being a sibling of someone in a wheelchair comes with its own set of joys and challenges and that is why brother and sister Amelia 11, and George 9 attend the sibling’s group at Whizz-Kidz.

Samuel, their older brother has Cerebral Palsy which affects him physically and he is a full-time wheelchair use. He is non-verbal and uses a communication aid to communicate and also has a diagnosis of Autism.

When asked what they like about the group the duo said;

“We like that we get to be with families like ours, sometimes children at school don’t understand what it is like having a brother with a disability, how we can’t go to places if they are not accessible or how Sam wouldn’t enjoy them. It’s nice to be the same as everyone else. We like that we can meet other children with brothers or sisters in a wheelchair like us and have fun.”

Amelia, who is into gymnastics, arts and crafts and George who loves football and sport added;

“We get really excited when our parcel gets delivered for the next session. The Christmas session has been our favourite so far – we got to make so much stuff. The sand jars were fun too.”

Their mum Jen said;

“George and Amelia have loved being involved in the Sibling group, they even chose to attend the Christmas session over a school activity. They proudly tell their friends about the sessions and how they get to talk about emotions and they love that they get to talk with other children that have a sibling using a wheelchair. They feel included when sometimes its activities for Sam then activities for them. Now they see Whizz-Kidz as being for all of them.”

Sam, 18 also gets a lot out of Whizz-Kidz, as he attends online sessions, Sunday clubs in Manchester, and has used the wheelchair skills in school program.

Sam said; “My favourite thing about Whizz-Kidz is that I can join in with all the activities. Everything is accessible. Attending the sessions has made me feel more confident to try new activities and talk with other people I don’t know. As Whizz-Kid has influenced me to try new activities and attend activities without my mum or PA I hope to finish college and learn to do more things by myself.”

The sibling group has helped the family as a whole. Jen added;

“We love that Whizz Kidz activities are so inclusive and accessible. The online sessions have been amazing and certainly benefitted us a family. As parents, its lovey to see the enjoyment all the children get from the sessions, and how much they all look forward to them.”

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