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Kidz' Stories

Kiyo-Rei's Story

“Slowly but surely we are getting there and Whizz-Kidz and their supporters have shed some light into making it an easier journey for her which is so appreciated – thank you!" - Kiyo Rei's Mum

Whizz-Kidz Team
Whizz-Kidz Team

7-year old Kiyo-Rei is a very sweet and dazzling girl who loves to paint, play with sand and dance.

She was diagnosed with Kniest Syndrome which is a bone growth dysfunction which means she will remain small as the dysplasia causes dwarfism. 

To get around the house she used to bum shuffle which caused her discomfort.

"Her physio at school recommended Whizz-Kidz and we were really excited when we found out Kiyo-Rei is getting her powered wheelchair!"

Kiyo Rei in jacket and blanket

“Kiyo-Rei was over the moon she wouldn’t stop talking about her wheelchair! She told all her friends, she was so excited.”

“We just knew this would help support her independence and this is what she really wants! When she is happy we are happy. She feels part of the “clique” now and can feel more included with her friends."

"We can even hold hands as she drives during our walks at the local park."

Kiyo-Rei driving her wheelchair in the park holding her mum's hand

"We went to a little party and normally me and Kiyo-Rei both love dancing so I would hold her and dance around and if I got tired her Dad would, but we were holding her (which is tiring). So it is nice now that she can sit down in her wheelchair and do her little robot dancing!"

"We will still hold her up if needs be, but she loves doing her little thing and her upper body will do a little shimmy movement in the wheelchair which is really nice to see."

Kiyo-Rei dancing in her wheelchair with her Mum

"We are so thankful to Whizz-Kidz and their supporters for her wheelchair it has brightened up her journey."

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