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Managing money as a wheelchair user with Nathan Mattick

From keeping your money safe to creating a savings account, Nathan shares his top tips for managing your finances

Whizz-Kidz Team
Whizz-Kidz Team

Handling cash and my debit card isn’t always easy for me having been born with Cerebral Palsy as well as using an electric wheelchair daily.

I’m often impendence when I’m out in about the community, so, I’m always cautious when I take money out at the ATM because it takes me longer to go through the process of getting money.

I always try to go inside the bank to get money out as it makes me feel a bit more at ease, and it's less likely people will try to steal my money.

Also, the good thing about going inside a bank is there are more CCTV cameras there if someone tried to get my money.

close up of £20 notes

Further to that, if I need any help or support about money then I always go to speak to someone in person, which I find a lot easier.

Before Covid‐19, I frequently attended sporting events in London.

One afternoon before heading to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea play, I decided to get money out at the ATM at METRO Bank as it was the closest ATM available.

As I went to place my card into the reader it got stuck inside the machine, at this point I became very worried about what would happen next, so I thought I should ask for assistance, but I also worried about leaving my card visible to others in the shopping centre whilst finding some help.

Easier and safer

In the end, I didn’t have to worry as the staff managed to fix the problem for me.

From that day I decided to always try to go to a bank to get money out unless the bank is shut, if this is the case, I will always use an ATM outside in public.

Also, some banks have lower ATM access for wheelchair users which is vital for me so I don’t have to reach so high up to use it.

I’m very lucky as I use an iPhone, and it has a very handy tool called Apple Pay.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the amount you put in each month is, it’s about building your account in your own time

This is where I can link my phone and card together so I can pay for most things via my phone without the hassle of getting my card or cash out of my wallet.

To be honest, during this Covid‐19 pandemic I always preferred to pay by contactless payment because it’s easier and safer during this strange time.

Over the years I have learned how to open a savings account for myself so I could save money for something that I would like.

In 2019, during a routine wheelchair service, I was told my previous electric wheelchair was on its ‘last legs’, so I had to think about how I would fund my new chair as I was over the age limit to apply for another powerchair through Whizz‐Kidz.

Plant in pot of coins

As I mentioned before, I have a savings account, so used that money towards the chair.

I also made a crowdfunding page to help me reach my finance goal to pay for my new wheelchair. I’m grateful to everyone who helped me get my chair.

My tip for you about saving money is to try to open a savings account and set up a standing order or direct debit each month to that account.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the amount you put in each month is, it’s about building your account in your own time.