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Application Process

Find out how to apply for mobility equipment from Whizz-Kidz


Applying for mobility equipment

Whizz-Kidz provides wheelchair and mobility equipment to children and young people across the UK

To find out more about the application process, take a look at the steps below


Eligibility criteria

  • Is your child under 18 years old? Applications must be submitted before your child’s 18th birthday.
  • Does your child have a physical disability that permanently affects their mobility and participation?
  • Have you approached your local NHS wheelchair service and found that the mobility equipment that your child needs is not available/provided?

If you answered yes to the above questions then Whizz-Kidz may be able to help you.

If you’ve had mobility equipment from Whizz-Kidz in the past you can still make a new application, as long as the young person still meets the above criteria and it’s been two years since you last received mobility equipment from us.

The equipment supplied by Whizz-Kidz includes manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, trikes and buggies.

Submitting your application for mobility equipment

Find out a bit about Whizz-Kidz’s therapists and clinical team. We also work with a wider network of therapists to deliver our services across the UK.


Application approved

Whizz-Kidz will contact you to confirm that your child is on the waiting list. You'll need to keep us informed of any change in circumstances.


Funding your child's equipment

Whizz-Kidz may contact your local NHS Wheelchair Service about joint funding. If local services can’t help, we will start looking for other funding opportunities including from other charities.


The telephone assessment

Once we have secured funding to proceed with your application, our Customer Services Team will contact you to set up an initial telephone assessment with one of our Mobility Therapists.


The clinic appointment

At the clinic appointment, our Mobility Therapists and Engineers or representatives will carry out a full posture and mobility assessment. This entails gathering additional information, taking measurements and looking at movement and posture.


Equipment handover

When you take the equipment home, we will be at the delivery to ensure:

  • The equipment is complete and set up correctly
  • You are able to use the equipment safely and correctly
  • A handover certificate is completed
  • You have appropriate insurance and understand the equipment’s maintenance needs
  • You are aware of any additional services Whizz-Kidz provides

After your child gets their mobility equipment

Receiving equipment from Whizz-Kidz is just the beginning!

We offer plenty of other services for young wheelchair users, whether you've received equipment from us or not.

Our clubs are available for young people across the UK and are a great place to have fun and make new friends! Find out more and register to join here

Our work placements and work skills day can be a brilliant way to find out more about the world of employment. Head to our Employment Support page to find out more about our virtual and in-person opportunities.

Once you've received your new wheelchair, it's time to make sure you and your child know how to use it safely and confidently. Check out our range of free wheelchair skills workshops to find out more.

If you're looking for support or advice from families of other young wheelchair users, then our Families Network is for you. Click here to find out more and join.


Submit an application with our online form

Click the button below to access our online application form for mobility equipment

Prefer to apply offline?

Click the button below to access PDF versions of the application documents


Taking measurements

If you apply for a chair from Whizz-Kidz, you may need to take some measurements to help us find the right chair for you. Check out our useful video to find out how to accurately collect upper body measurements.


Frequently asked questions

Applying for equipment