Shine Brightly

Meet Jacob, the star of our festive card

"I’m so grateful I’ve got my family
and friends holding me tightly.
They tell me I’m a superstar and
to always shine brightly."

We knew it was something special when we first saw Jacob read his poem My CP Story on a Facebook post. Heartfelt, touching, and funny, it tells “his story about cerebral palsy” with all the challenges it brings. He says he wants “to use my voice to spread the word, educate, advocate, yes, I want to be heard”. This 10-year-old from Wales is now getting his story out on our festive card this year.

Whizz Kidz’s graphic designer, Kerrie Scott, spotted that particular stanza and knew it had to be our seasonal card this year. Jacob's sentiments capture so much of what’s important about our work with young wheelchair users and their families. Those last two words are what we want everyone in our community to get the opportunity to do: shine brightly. And we find that when we shine a light on the young people we work with, they always reflect it back strong and true, with plenty of glitter and sparkle (and not just because they’ve been making bath bombs on an activity day).

Whizz Kidz Christmas Card 2023

From everyone at Whizz Kidz, all the colleagues, partners, Kidz Board, young wheelchair users, and the families and friends who hold you tightly, we wish you a peaceful and relaxing festive season, and may you always shine brightly.

My CP Story

See Jacob read his poem.

Watch now
Jacob reading his poem, My CP Story

Jacob’s festive message

Find out more about Jacob, whose words make up our card. He joined our community in 2018. We talk to Jacob’s mum, Hannah, to get her experience of Whizz Kidz, then speak to the poet himself…

What difference has getting mobility equipment from Whizz Kidz made?
Hannah (Jacob’s Mum):

We had a Triride about three years ago. This has made an incredible difference to Jacob’s independence and freedom to explore places previously off-limits to him without assistance. We have been very lucky to receive electric wheels this year. Again, this has made a huge positive difference to not just Jacob’s life but ours too. Jacob likes being more independent, and these have certainly helped with that.

Are there any Whizz Kidz services he has enjoyed attending?

We have attended lots of Whizz Kidz activity days this year and a Kidz Max Day this summer at Pembrey, when Jacob got to try adapted skiing, which he loved. We have been to animal handling and bowling days, race car driving experience at Llandow, and adapted cycling and canoeing days at Margam Park. Very recently, we attended the Christmas event at St Fagan’s, where Jacob (and all of us ) ate too much chocolate but thoroughly enjoyed it.
These days mean so much to us as a family because we get to meet other families who genuinely understand what it’s like to live and be part of the disabled community both first-hand as the person living with it but also as parents who live and feel it too.

What do you like most about Whizz Kidz?

The best thing about Whizz Kidz is just how inclusive you are. I know when we go on one of your days out, we can relax knowing that everything regarding accessibility is taken care of. I also like meeting other wheelchair users and seeing other children like me.

What would you tell people about Whizz Kidz if they didn’t know us?

Whizz Kidz are an amazing community of helpers who support children who are wheelchair users.

Is there any message you would like to give to other young wheelchair users?

My message would be that you are not alone.

And if you could change anything in our society for Christmas, what would it be?

If I could change anything in society, it would be for people to be more considerate and better informed. For there to be more inclusive playgrounds and sports club opportunities. For people not to be selfish by parking over dropped kerbs, which stops me from being able to get up and down kerbs on my own and having to rely on others.