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Activity Programmes

Our activity programmes support young wheelchair users to be independent, improve health and wellbeing, reducing isolation, build confidence and grow their social networks.

What are Activity Programmes? 

We offer a range of programmes each year with a core theme such as sport and wellbeing, the environment, digital skills, creativity and adventure. Each one is tailored to the young people who sign up and we provide healthcare support so that young people can attend independently.

Young people sign up to a whole programme which runs over a few days (either weekends or in the holidays) and has targeted outcomes. For example, our digital programme may result in young people designing their own app, or our creative programme may lead to a drama production.

Our programmes work with young people age 8-25 and sessions are pitched appropriately. We engage content providers with specialist knowledge in their areas. 

Sport & Mindfulness
Digital & Coding
No Barriers (Extreme Sports)
Community Champions
Our World – Our Impact
Quick Qualifcations

Owen's Story

'The future seems a lot bigger'

“It’s been great meeting other people that are the same. Other wheelchair users think the same way and come across things that other people don’t even think about. If we hadn’t had Whizz-Kidz we would have been left with nothing.”

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