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Wheelchair Skills Training

Our Wheelchair Skills Training supports young people (age 2-25) to use their wheelchair safely and confidently. We provide this service in a number of ways:

Wheelchair Skills in Schools

We visit schools and work with young wheelchair users to use their wheelchair  safely. This may involve basic skills training for those who have just received their wheelchair, through to advanced sessions and even using public transport

Train the Trainer

We work with teachers, NHS colleagues and other professionals to train them to deliver wheelchair skills in their own environment, supporting young people with essential skills. We can deliver training face-to-face or online

Working with Parents/Carers

It is essential that families can support young people to practice the skills they need to be independent. We can offer advice and support to parents and carers to learn key skills and training tips so that they can help at home

Wheelchair Maintenance

Maintaining your wheelchair is so important but it can be difficult on your own. To help, we have a collection of videos on our website, showing you simple ways to maintain your wheelchair

Wheelchair Skills

We have videos for both manual and powered wheelchair users, our instructors Stephen and Adam show you how to carry a drink, moving forwards and backwards, judging kerbs, opening doors and much more...

Wheelchair Sports

Are you a young wheelchair user curious about sport? Have you ever wanted to try a sport but not known where to start? Or perhaps you’ve tried already, but faced barriers to joining in? Well you’re certainly not alone.

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