Whizz Kidz responds to an article on Eurostar's new wheelchair policy

Eurostar urged to reconsider

Sarah Pugh, CEO at Whizz Kidz said;

I was deeply concerned to read the article in The Guardian entitled ‘Left Stranded and humiliated by Eurostar’s new wheelchair policy’.

It seems, under this new policy, Eurostar passengers travelling alone from London must be pushed in a station wheelchair or, if they insist on their own mobility aid and cannot propel themselves, must bring (and pay for) a companion.

This policy, if not rectified, will undoubtedly have significant implications for wheelchair users across the UK and could make travelling unaffordable, if people are forced to pay for a companion rather than face the alternative discomfort and potential stress of being forced to use a ‘station wheelchair’, which could be totally unsuitable for them.

Eurostar is failing to recognise people and their individual needs and therefore risks creating uncertainty for wheelchair users considering using their services to travel for work or pleasure. For example, a young wheelchair user may be able to self-propel but they might still need additional support from staff, so where would they stand under this policy?

We would urge Eurostar to reconsider their policy, and to reach out to us so that our Kidz Board can help them make a better and fairer policy, which does not risk alienating young wheelchair users and works to ensure their needs are met.

Whizz Kidz remains steadfast in our mission to empower young wheelchair users and their families. We will continue to advocate tirelessly for the resources and support they deserve, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are met.

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