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Charlotte's Christmas Story


Sadly, this Christmas, thousands of children don’t have a wheelchair suited for their needs meaning they feel left out and struggle to make friends. Your donation this Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving - a Whizz-Kidz wheelchair.

2-year old Charlotte is a really happy and artistic kid who loves drawing and playing with sand, water and her toys.

Charlotte has Spina Bifida, arrested hydrocephalus, hip dyspraxia, slight cerebral palsy and needs oxygen at night. She will never be able to walk making it hard for her to start nursery and make friends.

 Charlotte’s Mum, Jessica, was told by her local service that she wasn’t eligible to receive a wheelchair until Charlotte turned 6 years old.

"Thinking of my daughter having to crawl along the floor until she was six was horrific and degrading, at 5-years-old she will be starting school – what is she meant to do?"

Charlotte's Mum:

"So when Whizz-Kidz said they could help us I actually cried I was so happy!"


“Charlotte has since started nursery which she loves and has already made a friend!"

“This year on Christmas Eve we’ll go and see Santa and the wheelchair will come out, that wheelchair comes literally everywhere we go. The life she can now lead from this will be amazing!”

Whizz-Kidz were able to help Charlotte with a wheelchair but there are still thousands more children just like her who need one to enjoy Christmas too.

Donate today so other disabled children can enjoy precious moments…just like everyone else.