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Quiz Night

Let's Organise a Whizz-Kidz Quiz Night


What do you need to plan this event? Keep reading for top tips...


Order your resources here!

Fancy some Whizz-Kidz resources to spruce up your events? We can supply you with balloons, branded t-shirts, a collection tin and much more to gather those pennies in.

Pick a Date and Venue

Choose a date for your quiz and decide how much money you would like to raise. Setting this goal is important, as it will help you budget your resources and properly plan for your event.

When choosing the date, remember to check if there are any conflicts that may affect the turnout for your event. Make sure your event is Covid safe, perhaps consider hosting a virtual event.

Decide the Type of Quiz

You need to decide what type of quiz you will be holding and whether there is going to be a theme to it, e.g. Christmas, Movies, Music etc.? Remember to consider the costs of decorating the venue and how these costs factor into your profit as well as any other potential costs such as food, beverages etc.

Also think about who your audience is as the target audience will influence the kinds of questions and the content/difficulty of your quiz.

Sell Tickets or Send Invites

Advertise your quiz night well in advance and sell tickets or keep track of your expected guest list. Try to over-fill your event so that you ensure a good turnout, and last-minute cancellations don’t greatly affect your profit.

In order to generate interest in your event, post about it on social media and encourage others to do the same. Sending out an email would also be beneficial.

Tell us your story

We’d love to hear all about your event, so keep us posted on how you get on through  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by contacting us on via the email details below.

Helpful Tips:

#1 – Why not include a raffle to generate more interest and make the most of your event.

#2 - Also be sure to have a collection can for people to donate more if they are willing.

#3 - If you're holding a virtual quiz, why not add some small games between rounds as bonus rounds and how about you try streaming your event live for anyone to join in.


Paying in your money

When organising your walk/hike, you can either take payments in cash or ask your supporters to pay in through a platform like Just Giving.

Any Questions?