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Kiyo-Rei's Story


Sadly, there are thousands of children in the UK who don’t have a wheelchair suited for their needs meaning they feel left out and struggle to make friends. Your donation today is the gift that keeps on giving - a Whizz-Kidz wheelchair.

7-year old Kiyo-Rei is a very sweet and dazzling girl who loves to paint, play with sand and dance.

She was diagnosed with Kniest Syndrome which is a bone growth dysfunction which means she will remain small as the dysplasia causes dwarfism. This also affects her hearing so Kiyo-Rei uses British Sign Language.

Without a Whizz-Kidz wheelchair, Kiyo-Rei had some challenges and had to bum shuffle to get around the house, which would cause her pain and exhaustion from dragging herself around. 

Kiyo-Rei’s Mum, Sherin, was told by her local service Kiyo-Rei wasn’t eligible for a wheelchair as she was ‘too small and too young’.

“It was disappointing as I felt like they weren’t supporting her growth or her journey. But Kiyo-Rei’s physio recommended Whizz-Kidz and then we received her powered wheelchair.”


Kiyo-Rei's Mum:

“Kiyo-Rei was over the moon and wouldn’t stop talking about it! She told all her friends about her wheelchair - she was so happy!”

Donate today and help provide other young wheelchair users with a life-changing wheelchair.