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Volunteering at Whizz Kidz

Hi, my name is Aaron Pleming, and I’ve been volunteering with Whizz Kidz since around about 2015/2016 but my journey within the amazing world of Whizz Kidz didn’t begin there... 

Aaron Pleming
Aaron Pleming

I firstly heard of the amazing work that Whizz Kidz do through another club I was part of at the time called Clebran, as Clebran was coming to an end due to funding issues, many members including myself were told about Whizz Kidz and from what I remember we attended a Whizz Kidz Ambassador Club at the Leisure Centre in Bangor North Wales (I vaguely remember this) and from then I joined Whizz Kidz as a young person, and as they say the rest is history.

Whizz Kidz have helped me more than they can imagine, they’ve boosted my confidence so much from how I was in my younger years (making me sound older now) from attending the Ambassador Clubs to attending Whizz Kidz Camps (I attended 1 Camp as a young person and the other as a volunteer) from then I’ve come out of my shell a lot more. 

The reason i decided to become a volunteer with Whizz Kidz to be able to see from another point of view the joy that Whizz Kidz bring to the young people, in fact the same joy that Whizz Kidz brought to me as a young person. And also the other reason why I wanted to volunteer was simply I wanted to give something back to the charity that helped me so much to grow as a person, I couldn’t just leave after i turned 25 years old that wasn’t an option for me (I’m now 30 years old in fact the same age as Whizz Kidz).

My role as a volunteer is slightly different from when i was a young person, I do get to join in with the games and activities but my role is really to make sure everyone else is ok and having fun, I’ve even ran a few sessions as a volunteer too, I’ve done numerous quizzes and presented them to the group.

To finish this post off, if i had to give advice to any budding volunteers out there, be it if their outside Whizz Kidz or a young person within Whizz Kidz wanting to transition to become a volunteer, I’d just simply say GO FOR IT, as the benefits you’d get from this job is priceless, from seeing the young people smiling and happy and enjoying themselves to just having fun, it’s just wonderful to be part of a wonderful team. 

Thank you Whizz Kidz for all you’ve done for me over the years.